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We need Volunteers in the following areas:

Quilt Take In:

PARK Set-Up:

DAY of SHOW Set Up:

DAY of SHOW Take Down:

Shifts During Quilt Show - Quilts, Poles, Tables, etc.:

Quilt Return:

If you have any questions, please contact Karen at: karenklem@icloud.com

Volunteer Duties: 

Hoffman Challenge "Trunk" Show

  1. Read the information about the special quilts from all around the world.
  2. Talking Points: These quilts are on loan - and are paid for by our Sponsor Jon Derby of Edward Jones.
  3. Make sure the people do NOT touch the quilts.
  4. Use White Gloves to show viewers the backs of the quilts.
  5. Walk around and answer questions (or send them to the Info Booth)

Raffle Quilt - Selling Tickets

  1.  TICKETS are $1 each - or 6 for $5
  2. Make sure they write legibly - NAME & PHONE NUMBER
  3. Be sure they take the correct half of the ticket - with the Quilt Show Info
  4. Quilt Details will be printed up (hours of construction, value, care of, etc.)
  5. DRAWING is Sunday, Sept 11, at the close of the Coburg Antique Fair

Silent Auction

  1. Assist the Committee Chair in charge of the Silent Auction.
  2. Help set out items for each auction.
  3. Assist people bidding on items.
  4. Maintain list of names of those with the winning bids.
  5. Make sure bidding sheets and pencils/pens are available for each item.
  6. Depending shift(s) worked, assist with payments & item pick-up.  

Park Roamers

  1. Wearing White Gloves - be available to assist those interested in looking at the back of quilts. 
  2. Be positive - ask people to use the Story Paper attached to each quilt to peek at the back of a quilt if they are going to do so. 
  3. Remind others if needed that FOOD & DRINK ARE NOT ALLOWED near the areas where quilts are displayed.
  4. If someone wants to buy a quilt, note the # and take the person to the information booth. Return to the quilt and turn the "FOR SALE" sign over to the "SOLD" side. 
  5. Remind people to VOTE for their 3 favorite quilts.