Volunteer Information

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Volunteer for the Coburg Quilt Show 2018 and receive a free gift!


If you have any questions, please contact info@sewsteady.com

Volunteer Duties: 

Quilt Drop-off Volunteer

  1. Receive, record, and process all quilt entries.
  2. Process quilt entry fees.
  3. Issue Claim Receipts to each Quilt Exhibitor.
  4. Photograph and assign number to each quilt submission.
  5. Assist Quilt Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Quilt Pick-up Volunteer

  1. Distribute quilts to personnel with matching Claim Receipt
  2. Record that quilt has been released.
  3. Assist Quilt Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Show Set-Up Volunteer

  1. Set-up quilt stands
  2. Hang quilts
  3. Post signage
  4. Assist Show Set-Up Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Show Take-Down Volunteer

  1. Carefully remove exhibit quilts from display stands.
  2. Ensure all quilt identification tags remain attached to quilts.
  3. Separate sold quilts from unsold quilts.
  4. Assist Show Take-Down Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Admission Volunteer

  1. Greet and distribute Program Guide to each attendee.
  2. Apply admission wrist bracelet to each attendee.
  3. Receive donations for Bags of Love and Coburg Food Pantry.
  4. Encourage attendees to buy raffle tickets.
  5. Remind all attendees to vote for their favorite quilt.

Classroom Volunteer

  1. Assist in preparing classrooms for classes
  2. Assist Instructors with Class Supply Kit distribution
  3. Assist students during the class
  4. Assist Instructors with any requests to improve classroom experience;
  5. Assist Classroom Manager with additional assigned tasks.

Quilt Sales Volunteer

  1. Assist Quilt Manager in organizing and process quilt sales.
  2. Assist buyers with quilt sales.
  3. Display “SOLD” signage on quilts when applicable.
  4. Maintain log of all quilts sold.
  5. Assist Quilt Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

White Glove Quilt Attendant

  1. Wear provided white gloves to assist attendees to view backside of quilts
  2. Remind attendees to refrain from touching the quilts
  3. Read Quilt Exhibitor descriptions from Program Guide to answer questions
  4. Ensure quilts in assigned area remain safely displayed
  5. Assist Quilt Exhibit Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Silent Auction Volunteer

  1. Help display items for each auction
  2. Assist people bidding on items
  3. Make sure bidding sheets and pencils/pens are available
  4. Maintain list of auction winners
  5. Assist with payments & item pick-up
  6. Assist Silent Auction Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Raffle Volunteer

  1. Make sure buyers write legibly on raffle tickets
  2. Be sure buyers take the correct half of the ticket
  3. Assist with Show Merchandise sales, if needed.
  4. Assist Raffle Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Show AV Volunteer

  1. Ensure all AV needs are met for Show (Vendors, Classrooms, Stage, etc.)
  2. Set-up and test all AV equipment during Show Set-Up
  3. Address any AV needs during the Show

(Training will be provided)

Parking Volunteer

  1. Guide vehicles to available parking.
  2. Ensure parked vehicles are not harassed.
  3. Ensure no children or pets are left unattended in vehicles.
  4. Assist Parking Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Stage Volunteer

  1. Collect Stage Presenters before their allotted time segment.
  2. Announce upcoming Presenters over PA system.
  3. Assist Stage Manager with any additional assigned tasks.

Vendor Snack Cart Volunteer

  1. Visit all Vendor Booths regularly to offer complimentary refreshments.
  2. Re-stock cart as needed.
  3. Assist Vendor Snack Cart manager with any additional assigned tasks.