Quilt Entry Information

The Coburg Quilt Show Committee welcomes entries from quilters of all levels and skills. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to enter.

NOTE: Each year we have been gifted with an incredible "breeze" to help dispel the heat. This has caused many of our larger quilts to bellow like sails, making it necessary for us to limit the length of quilts in the show to 95 inches (see information below).

The width of your quilt is the end on which you put the sleeve. The length is the side of your quilt. The length can only be 95" from the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the quilt. If you choose to put a longer quilt in the show you can:

  1. Lower the sleeve , which will cause part of your quilt to be folded over the pole at the top. Remember 95" from the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the quilt.
  2. Put the sleeve on the side of your quilt.

If you have any questions, please email Judy at coburgquiltentries@gmail.com.  If your question cannot be answered via email, please leave your name and phone number and Judy will call you.

All Quilts -- All quilts will be hung in the park, including fiber art quilts. All quilts must have a 4-inch sleeve on the back, including fiber art quilts. Contact Judy at coburgquiltentries@gmail.com for more information.

Entry Fees --  $5.00 for the 1st Quilt - $3.00 for each additional quilt. (These fees are used to help cover the cost of the event.) Make check payable to: Coburg Quilt Show
Send to: Coburg Quilt Show, P O Box 8444, Coburg, OR 97408

Youth Entry -- (16 or younger). On the quilt entry form, there is a box to check for youth entries.

Selling Your Quilt -- You can list your quilt(s) for sale during the Coburg Quilt Show. A commission of 25% of the selling price is retained by the quilt show. This fee helps support next year's show. The Coburg Quilt Show is not authorized to sell quilts made with licensed fabrics.

Registration -- Click here to go to the Registration Form to enter all of your quilts. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO HIT THE SEND BUTTON WHEN ENTRIES ARE COMPLETED.

Every quilt has its own story, and we would like to be able to attach your quilt information to your quilt. In order to do this, we ask that you complete the entry form and submit it to us by the deadline date of July 10, 2016. Registration forms will also be available on July 24 and July 25 at the Coburg Community Charter School during quilt take in times.

Turn quilts in at the following address: Coburg Community Charter School on N. Coburg Rd (next to the fire station). Follow signs as you come into town from any direction.


Sunday, July 24 -- Noon to 3pm
Monday, July 25-- 4pm to 7pm


Coburg Community Charter School - Sunday, July 31 --10am to 2pm

All quilts need to be picked up by this date and time unless other arrangements are made. Please make sure you have your receipt slip for pick-up.

Coburg Quilt Show is not responsible for quilts that are not picked up or other arrangements made to do so.

For questions on quilt entries or the entry form, contact Judy at coburgquiltentries@gmail.com or 541-342-4710.

We accept cash and checks.