Hoffman Challenge

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Overview of the Hoffman Challenge

For nearly 30 years, the Hoffman Challenge has been accepting entries and putting the winners on the road for a year as exhibits for quilt guilds, textile shows, shops, museums and libraries. There are 5 categories each year: Home Décor (Table-Top and Kitchen for 2016), Clothing and Accessories, Pieced Quilts, Appliqued Quilts and Quilts with a mix of these two techniques. Nationally recognized judges select the best from each category for travel, as well as award prizes for each category.

The Exhibits

There are currently 14 trunks that travel the United States. There are over 320 items that travel for the year in the trunks. Quilts are limited in size – the perimeter has to be 160 inches or less. For example, the largest acceptable square quilt would be 40-inches. Each trunk contains 20 quilts. Each trunk’s contents are split evenly between pieced, applique and mixed technique quilts and has four award winners.

The 2016 Exhibit for the 12th Annual Coburg Quilt Show & Sale is proud to display “Quilt Trunk E – 2015 Pomegranate Gold Collection”, which contains “Rear View”, an art quilt from our very own local artist Judy Peterson – which won the “Best Machine Workmanship for Applique” award!


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